All Pandle users are able to create multiple companies in Pandle if they wish. 

To create a new company with a free Pandle account you will need to register a new
account as normal by visiting the website. You will have to use a different email address for this new account and will have to manage these companies separately.

Pandle Pro
If you are a Pandle Pro user, you can manage your companies within one Pandle account, toggling between the two.

Firstly, you will need to create a new account using a different email address to your existing Pandle account and then set up your other company as normal. You create a new account here.

Once your other company has been created you will need to add a new user to the account you wish to manage your companies from. This account will need to be on our Pandle Pro plan, which will allow you to switch between your companies with ease. 

This can be done by going to Company Settings > Users Tab and clicking '+ Add New User', as seen below:

You can then switch companies from the following menu:

Please note:
You only need to have one company on the Pandle Pro plan in order to manage multiple companies from one Pandle account. The other companies you manage from the same account can be on our free Pandle plan.

However, if you want to access Pandle Pro features for all the companies you manage in Pandle then each company would have to be on the Pandle Pro plan.

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