Once you enter or confirm a customer’s payment into Pandle, you can send them a Customer Receipt.

Click 'Customers' in the navigation bar, and select 'Customers' from the dropdown menu.

Click the ‘More Actions’ button next to the customer you would like to send a receipt to.

Then click ‘Email Receipt’ in the dropdown menu.

Choose the payment that you would like to send a receipt for, and click the ‘Send Payment Receipt’ button next to it.

On the next screen you’ll be able to review who receives the receipt, as well as edit the default subject and message text.

Just click ‘Send To Customer’ when you’re ready, and the receipt will make its way to the customer email address you have saved in Pandle (or you can overwrite it before sending.)

You won’t need to write a new one out each time! You can use different templates and set default text in your document settings, just like you can when you send an invoice.

What happens on a receipt if a customer overpays?

If a customer pays more than they need to, our overpayments tool helps you show this in your bookkeeping.

To make things clear to your customer, any overpayments will also be shown on the customer receipt when you send it to them.

This happens automatically, so you won’t need to worry about any calculations or edits before sending the receipt to your customer.

The customer receipt will show the total amount that your customer paid, the value of the invoice that you offset it against, and the amount of any overpayments.

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