Creating bank rules helps you to automate more of your bookkeeping. Tell Pandle what to do, and Pandle will categorise transactions, match payments, and assign tax codes. You can also use bank rules to auto-confirm transactions.

Create Bank Rules in Pandle (opens in new screen)

Search, sort, and filter Bank Rules

Viewing the Bank Rules screen

Search, sort, and filter Bank Rules

Use the search bar to search and find your Bank Rules more quickly.

Filter your Bank Rules

Filter existing Bank Rules by clicking the filter button, to open the Advanced Search filters.

Use the dropdown menus to filter your rules.

Sort your Bank Rules

To sort the list, click the column header that you would like to sort by, and click the header again the reverse the order.

For instance, click the 'Date Added' header to sort your Bank Rules according to the date they were created.

Viewing the Bank Rules screen

Change your screen settings in Pandle to choose how you view your information.

Choose how many rows per screen

In Pandle you can choose how many rows of information you see on the Bank Rules screen. Just click the 'Row Count' button, and select the amount from the menu.

Select which columns to view

Edit the columns that you need to see on the Bank Rules screen, and hide those that you don't.

Click the 'Column Select' button, and select or deselect the columns that you want to see.

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