Click 'Tools' in the Pandle navigation bar, and select 'Items' from the menu.

Then click 'Add New Item'.

Enter the item's details into the 'New Item' form.

Tick the 'Is tracked?' box to set up a tracked item.

Important: If you add tracked items you will need to enter opening stock quantities or enter supplier invoices to confirm the stock levels for these products.

Tracked items

If you buy and sell products, Items helps you to manage your inventory by automatically updating your stock levels when an item is added to an invoice.

In Pandle these are known as 'Tracked Items', because Pandle will track the stock levels automatically, based on the invoices that you create. For instance:

  • If you enter a supplier invoice which lists a tracked item, Pandle will increase your stock amount to reflect your purchase.

  • If you create a customer invoice which lists a tracked item, Pandle will decrease the stock amount to reflect your sale.

Untracked items

Creating untracked items in Pandle means you can use this information to quickly populate invoices, but without recording stock levels.

You might use this for products that you buy but don't sell on, such as stationery or equipment that you buy to use in the business. You could also use it to enter the details of any services which you pay for or provide, such as cleaning or social media management.

That way you'll only need to enter the information once into Pandle, and then use your untracked item listing to populate invoices in the future.

You can also confirm whether you purchase the item, sell it, or both. If you enter the price, category, tax code and description, Pandle will use this information to automatically populate your invoices with the items you select, saving you time in the future.

Once you have finished entering the details of your item, click 'Save Item'.

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