The companies screen shows a list of all the clients that are connected through your Pandle account.

Search and sort your companies screen

Select which columns appear

Choose how many rows per screen

Export your client list from Pandle

Add a new company

Invite a client to Pandle

Authorise MTD

Search and sort your companies screen

Use the search tool to find specific companies.

To sort the list, click the column header that you would like to sort by, or click the header again the reverse the order. For instance, click the 'Business Type' header to sort your clients according to the type of business they operate.

Select which columns appear

Edit the columns that you need to see on the Companies screen, and hide those that you don't.

Click the 'Column Select' button, and select or deselect to choose your columns.

Company Name

The name of your client's business

Business Type

The legal structure they operate. For instance, sole trader, or limited company.


The client's contact email address

Partner Accountant

Which practice the client is associated with

Created On

The date that you added them to your client list in Pandle

# Of Trans.

How many transactions they have in Pandle

Billed To

Who pays for the client's Pandle subscription.

Financial Year Completed

This shows if the financial year has completed for this company

Year End Date

The date the client's financial year ends


Click the icon to set this client as your current company, or click 'More' to manage the client's subscription:

  • Edit Partner Accountant Access

  • Remove Partner Accountant Access

  • Delete This Company

Choose how many rows per screen

In Pandle you can choose how many rows of information you see on the Companies screen. Just click the 'Row Count' button, and select from the menu.

Export your client list from Pandle

You can export a list of your clients from Pandle. Click the 'Export' button, and Pandle will automatically download a .CSV file to your device.

Add a new company

Click the 'Add New Company' button to set up a new client on Pandle. Our separate guide explains the process in more detail.

Invite a client to Pandle

Click the 'Invite Client' button to send a notification to your client's email address inviting them to use Pandle. Read our guide for more help.

Authorise MTD

Click the 'Authorise MTD' button to authorise Pandle with your Agent credentials. Read our guide for more help.

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