The tools in the Partner Admin menu help Pandle Partners manage the clients and staff they work with in Pandle, update their business profile, and oversee the billing plans connected to their account.

Click 'Partner Admin' in the Pandle navigation menu to get started.

My Accountancy (it will show your firm's name)


Partner Subscription

Analytics Dashboard

Switch Partner Accountants

Your firm

Click 'Partner Admin' and select your firm's name from the dropdown menu.

This will take you to the Partner Accountants page, where you can:

  • Manage or update the clients you work with

  • View and edit staff members who have access

  • Respond to pending access requests

  • Update your settings

  • View the billing plans associated with your Pandle account

Learn more about managing your firm in Pandle


Click 'Partner Admin' and select 'Users' from the dropdown menu to view a list of the users associated with your Pandle Partner account. Learn more about adding staff to your account.

Partner Subscription

Keep track of the companies covered by your current billing plan. Click 'Partner Admin' and select 'Partner Subscription' from the menu. Learn more about viewing and managing your Partner subscription.

Analytics Dashboard

Pandle Partners can see an overview of the transactions and registrations in their account using the Analytics Dashboard. Click 'Partner Admin' and select 'Analytics Dashboard' from the menu.

Switch Partner Accountants

View a list of your Partner accounts in Pandle, and switch between them quickly and easily.

Click 'Partner Admin' and select 'Switch Partner Accountants' from the menu.

Click the arrow icon next to the relevant profile to switch to a different Partner Accountant.

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