Each time you sign into your Pandle account, you will see the dashboard on your home screen. This shows a summary of everything that is going on in your Pandle account, so you can see up-to-date information at a glance.

Customising your Pandle dashboard

What do the dashboard reports in Pandle mean?

You can return to your dashboard view at any time by clicking the Pandle logo in the navigation bar.

Pandle dashboard home

Each block on the dashboard relates to a different area of financial reporting, such as your sales performance, or your expenses report for example.

The home screen information shows an overview of this data, and you can hover over one of the colour-coded segments or bars to see the value.

You can drill down further using Pandle's Reports tools to see more detailed reporting.

Customising your Pandle dashboard

You can personalise which data blocks are displayed by clicking 'Edit dashboard' on the home screen.

This will open up the Dashboard Settings selection menu, so you can choose which data appears on your home screen.

dashboard selector

Press 'Save' to update your changes, and Pandle will only show those fields on your home screen.

What do the dashboard reports in Pandle mean?

Bank accounts balance

This shows the current balance of each bank account that you have set up in Pandle.

Sales performance

The total amounts from all of your sales categories, broken down by month.

Profit and loss performance

The total amounts of all your sales categories versus all of your expense categories, broken down by month.

Cash flow

The total amount of all money in to all the bank accounts you have set up in Pandle, versus the total amount of all money out, shown by month.

Expenses report

This shows the total amounts of your top 7 most used expense accounts, with everything else collated into one and shown as 'Others'.

Dividends availability

This unique tool shows, at a glance, what dividends are available to directors based on the company's profit and loss report over a period of time. It also includes a breakdown of the profit for that period, an estimate of the Corporation Tax due, as well as dividends already taken.

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