Once you sign up for Making Tax Digital (MTD), Pandle will ask you to reauthorise the connection to your Government Gateway every 18 months, in order to comply with HMRC requirements.

You might also need to reauthorise your MTD connection to Pandle if you:

  • De-register for VAT in the Financial Info tab under the Company Settings menu

  • If you update your VAT scheme

  • Change your VAT registration details in Company Settings

Re-authenticate Pandle for Making Tax Digital with HMRC

After you run your VAT return in Pandle, and select the 'Save & Lock' option, the option to submit your VAT return to HMRC will become available.

If you need to sign up for Making Tax Digital, or reauthorise Pandle for MTD, you’ll see an alert message:

Sign Up To MTD:

Select this option if you need to register for Making Tax Digital. Just click 'Sign Up To MTD' and follow HMRC’s instructions to sign up and grant permission to Pandle.

Authorise MTD:

Select this option if you are already registered for Making Tax Digital and wish to authorise Pandle to interact with HMRC on your behalf to submit your returns.

Once you click the ‘Authorise’ button, HMRC will give you instructions on screen to grant permission to Pandle so that you can submit MTD compliant VAT returns by clicking 'Submit To HMRC'. From here you will be prompted to enter your Government Gateway User ID and Password to complete your submission.

What if reauthorisation does not work?

If you have issues reauthorising MTD, you can check:

  • That you entered the correct Government Gateway details, including your user ID and password

  • That your VAT information is correct in the Company Settings menu in Pandle

  • That you are enrolled into MTD with HMRC. Signing up to MTD with HMRC can take up to 72 hours, and Pandle will not be able to complete the process until you receive your confirmation email from HMRC

If you have checked all of the information above and are still receiving the error, you may need to contact HMRC, or chat to our support team on Live Chat.

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