Rather than spending time writing out information over and over, customise the default text that you use in the documents you send from Pandle. For instance, invoice descriptions or email messages, so that you don't need to write these again each time you invoice a customer.

Update your document settings

Open the Pandle settings menu, and click 'Document Settings'.

Invoice Options

Click the 'Invoice Options' tab to update or edit your invoice settings, including options for recurring transactions, setting up Pandle Pay so you can accept invoice payments through Pandle, and adding default text to appear on your invoice descriptions.

Quote Options

  • Use this screen to enable the Quotes feature in Pandle

  • Set any default text you would like your customer quotes to include.

Statement Options

  • Enter the default text that you would like to appear on your statements. You will still have the chance to edit your message before you send it.

Design Options

  • Upload your company logo to use on invoices and quotes

  • Choose your invoice template.

Email Options

Confirm the default address which will receive responses to your follow-up emails, or enter the default message that you would like to be pre-populated when you send customers their invoices. You will still be able to edit the text before sending the email.

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