Quick Links is an option in the Pandle navigation menu, which you can use to create new documents such as invoices, and enter transactions quickly, no matter which screen you are using at the time.

You can use the pre-loaded Quick Links options, as well as customising the list with the pages that you use the most.

To add a page, navigate to any screen or tab in your Pandle account, open the Quick Links menu, and select ‘Add This Page’ to include it in the list of options.

Pandle will save your selections at the bottom of the Quick Links menu, showing them in the order that you select them.

Then all you need to do in future is select them from the Quick Links menu to go directly to that page.

If you change your mind or add something to the menu accidentally, just click the bin logo alongside the feature name to remove it from the list. This will not remove your access to the feature in Pandle, and will only remove the option from your Quick Links list.

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