The Accounting menu option in Pandle groups together Pandle's essential accounting features. It is where you can view your transactions and the balances of your asset, revenue, expense and liability categories.

It is also where you will be able to enter your opening balances (if you are moving from alternative software) and make any adjustments to your bookkeeping records.

View Transactions

From the View Transactions page you can see a list of all of the transactions you have entered into the software.

Here you can sort the transactions by number, date, type, description and amount by clicking on the heading. You can also edit or delete your business transactions.

Learn more about using the View Transactions page


Categories is an overview all of your business categories and their balances. This is can be useful to see if your balances appear incorrect and need be analysed.

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Adjustments are used to transfer amounts between categories. You can add a new adjustments from the dropdown menu under Accounting, or from here on your Categories page:

You may never need to use this feature as adjustments are used more at your year-end for things like depreciation of assets.

Your accountant should either enter the adjustments for you or give you the information to enter them yourself.

Important: If you are unsure about entering an adjustment always consult your accountant first.

Learn more about entering new adjustments.

Opening Balances

Once you have set up your account you will have been given the option to use the Opening Balances wizard, which needs to be completed if you were previously using a different bookkeeping system.

If you chose not to enter your opening balances during your account set up you can still access the Opening Balances wizard from the Accounting dropdown menu.

Learn more about entering opening balances.

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