Use the Banking screen to enter all of your cash and bank transactions into Pandle. You can also use it to view and manage the accounts you use with Pandle, such as your bank accounts, credit cards, cash, and PayPal etc.

This is where you will enter the majority of your business transactions.

Select 'Banking' in the navigation menu, and then 'Bank Accounts'.

Banking menu

Understanding the Banking tab in Pandle

Add an account to Pandle

Edit account information

Delete a bank account from Pandle

Add, manage, and view notes on bank accounts in Pandle

Add, manage, and view attachments for bank accounts in Pandle

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Using the Banking tab in Pandle

The banking screen will show you a list of all of the different accounts that you enter in Pandle, and their current balance.

In the example below you can see this business has number of different account types including a NatWest bank account, a cash account (this may be a till or petty cash), a merchant account (for taking card payments), a PayPal account, a Stripe account and two directors loan accounts (for Limited Companies only).

Search, sort, and filter accounts in the banking screen

Use the search bar to quickly search for specific accounts.

Filter accounts in the banking screen

Filter your accounts by clicking the 'filter' icon, and selecting which options you would like to display. For instance, to hide any bank accounts that do not have an account balance, untick the 'No Balance' filter option.

Pandle will display a confirmation box whenever you apply a filter, so that you don't overlook any important information by mistake.

Choose how many rows per screen

In Pandle you can choose how many rows of information you see on the Banking screen. Just click the 'Row Count' button, and select the amount from the menu.

Sorting the order accounts show in the banking screen

To sort the list of accounts on your banking screen, click the column header that you would like to sort by, and click the header again the reverse the order.

For instance, click the 'Balance' header to sort your accounts according to their current balance.

Select which columns to view

Edit the columns that you need to see on the Banking screen, and hide those that you don't.

Click the 'Column Select' button, and select or deselect the columns that you want to see.

Category code

This is the code which shows how the account is categorised in Pandle.


The name you give the account in Pandle

Entry method

How transactions are entered into Pandle for that account. For instance, manual entry, or using an automatic bank feed.


The balance of the accounts


This shows whether you have the account currently set to 'Active' or 'Inactive' in Pandle.


Use the options in this column to edit or work with your accounts in Pandle.

Add an account to Pandle

Click the 'Add New Bank Account' button on your Banking screen.

add new bank account

Enter a display name for the account in Pandle, and confirm which category it will relate to.

Use the dropdown menu to confirm the currency for this account. You can scroll through the list, or use the search tool to find the correct currency. The default option shows the base currency that you selected to use with your Pandle account.

Confirm the entry method for the account. This is how you will enter transactions for this account in the future. For instance, using File Imports, or with an automatic Bank Feed.

Click the 'Save Bank Account' button to save your new account to Pandle.

Edit account information

Click the 'Edit' icon next to where the account appears in the Banking screen in Pandle.

Amend the information for this account, or mark the account as 'Inactive'. You won't be able to add new transactions for an account marked as inactive in Pandle.

Delete a bank account from Pandle

Click the 'Delete' icon next to the account you would like to remove from Pandle. Limited companies cannot delete the director's loan account for any directors in the business.

Click 'OK' to continue, or 'Cancel' to return to the Banking screen without taking any action.

Add, manage, and view notes on bank accounts in Pandle

To help you stay organised and to collaborate more easily, you can create notes in Pandle and attach them to specific transactions or accounts, or keep them as general reminders.

Click the 'Manage or view notes' icon next to a specific account to create a new note or view any existing ones for that account.

Add, manage, and view attachments for bank accounts in Pandle

Click the 'Attachments' icon next to an account to to upload a new file from your device, link it to this account in Pandle, or view and manage existing uploads attached to this account, or to attach existing uploads to the account.

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