Banking is where all of your cash/bank account transactions are entered. Here you will have a number of accounts including your bank accounts, credit cards, cash and PayPal etc.

This is where you will enter the majority of your business transactions.

When you click on the Banking tab, a list of your bank accounts and their balances will be shown.

In the example below you can see this business has number of different account types including a Natwest bank account, a cash account (this may be a till or petty cash), a merchant account (for taking card payments), a PayPal account, a Stripe account and two directors loan accounts (for Limited Companies only).

From here you can add new bank accounts, expand on information in your accounts (to view how the balance is made up), edit/delete accounts and enter new banking transactions either manually, by importing them or using our bank feed feature - if you are a Pandle Pro user.

For more detailed information on using our Banking features, please see the articles below:

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