Your Suppliers page is set up identically to your Customers page, except to manage the handling of your suppliers and supplier invoices, rather than your customer invoices.

The Suppliers feature in Pandle is used for invoices from your suppliers that have offered you credit, i.e. you don’t pay them straight away.

For example, you might have an account with a stationery company where you order stationery and pay them each month. The invoices from that supplier should be entered here and the payments you make to them entered through the Banking tab.

However, if you buy stationery from a physical stationery store you would simply enter those transactions in the Banking tab because you are paying straight away (no supplier invoice required).

You may not be able to see the Suppliers tab in your account if you selected that your suppliers do not offer you credit in the initial set up wizard. However, you can switch it back on from the Financial Info tab in your Company Settings menu.

For more detailed information on using our Suppliers features, please see the articles below:

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