You can create profiles to manage the suppliers you do business with using the Suppliers page in Pandle.

The Suppliers feature in Pandle is used for invoices from your suppliers that have offered you credit. That is, you don’t pay them straight away.

For example, you might have an account with a stationery company where you order stationery and pay them each month. The invoices from that supplier should be entered here, and the payments you make to them are entered through the Banking tab.

However, if you buy stationery from a physical stationery store you would simply enter those transactions in the Banking tab because you are paying straight away (with no supplier invoice required).

Just select 'Suppliers' from the navigation menu to get started.

suppliers menu

Enabling the Suppliers menu

Entering supplier information into Pandle

Finding your way around the Suppliers screen

Search, sort, and filter suppliers

Export suppliers

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I can't see 'Suppliers' in the navigation menu

To keep things simple, you'll only see the 'Suppliers' menu option if you confirmed that suppliers invoice your business during the Pandle setup process. You can enable this option at any time.

Open the main Pandle settings menu, and select 'Company Settings'.

company settings menu

Select the 'Financial Info' tab.

And then check the option 'Do suppliers invoice the business?'

do suppliers invoice the business

Creating new Suppliers in Pandle

There are two ways to set up new supplier in Pandle:

Viewing the Suppliers screen in Pandle

The suppliers screen will show you a list of all of the suppliers that you enter in Pandle.

Search, sort, and filter suppliers

Use the search bar to search and find supplier information quickly.

supplier search

You can also filter your suppliers by clicking the filter button, and selecting what you would like to see.

supplier filter

To sort the list, click the column header that you would like to sort by, and click the header again the reverse the order.

For instance, click the 'Balance' header to sort your suppliers according to the balance on their account.

Choose how many suppliers you see per screen

In Pandle you can choose how many rows of information you see on the Suppliers screen. Just click the 'Row Count' button, and select the amount from the menu.

Select which columns to view

Edit the columns that you need to see on the Suppliers screen, and hide those that you don't.

Click the 'Column Select' button, and select or deselect the columns to show or hide them.

supplier columns

Supplier Reference

A unique code which identifies your supplier in Pandle.

Display Name

How the supplier name appears in Pandle. Click the supplier name to view a list of transactions relating to that supplier.


The balance of the supplier's account.


This shows whether you have the supplier currently set to 'Active' or 'Inactive' in Pandle.


Use these options to:

Use 'More' to:

  • add an attachment to the supplier's account

  • delete your supplier's details

  • add or view notes associated with this supplier.

Export Suppliers from Pandle

You can export a list of suppliers from Pandle, including their account balance and current status. Click the 'Export' button, and Pandle will automatically download a .CSV file to your device.

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