The valuation of your stock is set either by the purchase price, or by the amount you can sell the stock for, whichever is lower.

There may be times that you are unable to sell items for more than the price you paid for them, for example if demand for an item drops, or it becomes damaged.

If this happens it's important that you revalue these items in Pandle to keep your accounting as accurate as possible.

Revaluing stock items

Will my stock figures update if I revalue an item?

Reviewing items you revalue

Revaluing stock items

Click 'Tools' in Pandle's navigation bar, and select 'Items'.

Select the 'Tracked' tab.

Click the 'Stock Revaluation' icon next the to relevant item.

In the Stock Revaluation pop-up window confirm:

  • The date of the revaluation

  • The number of items to be re-valued

  • The new unit value of the items you have left in stock

Will my stock figures update if I revalue an item?

Revaluing an item in Pandle will automatically adjust the stock shown on your 'Tracked' tab.

Can I review items that I revalue in Pandle?

Yes, you can. Revaluing stock will automatically adjust the value of the 'Stock Revaluations' category.

Click 'Accounting' in the Pandle navigation bar, and select 'Categories' from the menu.

The 'Stock Revaluations' category will show the total value of stock revalued during that time period.

You can change the time period by changing the dates at the top of the page. Use the search, sort, or filter tools to find categories quickly.

Click the category name to view a detailed breakdown of stock revalued during that time period.

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