If you claimed (or are going to claim) the Self Employed Income Support Scheme (SEISS) grant, you'll need to show this in your bookkeeping.

This is because it's a taxable grant, so you'll need to show it in your records to ensure you pay the right amount of tax and NI.

Creating a new category

The simplest way to record your SEISS payments in Pandle is to set up a new category called 'SEISS Grant'. You can do this from your Categories page, simply click the plus symbol > New Categories.

Now from the Edit Category modal you will need to enter the name of the Category, select the Revenue (400-499) Category type and if you are VAT registered set the Default tax code as NV (this option will not show unless your business is VAT registered).

Please note: Your specific category code may be different to the one shown in the screenshot, if you have already created a new revenue category.

Confirming the transaction into Pandle

When you process the SEISS payment you have received through your Banking you will need to select the SEISS Grant category, before confirming the transaction:

Viewing your SEISS payments in Pandle

Now, after you have confirmed your SEISS grant payments into Pandle they will appear here on your Categories page:

Following this process will ensure you are correctly accounting for your SEISS grant payments in Pandle.

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