Regardless of which alternative accountancy software you are moving from, the process of transferring your data into Pandle is the same.

If you are using accounting software such as Wave, Xero, Quickbooks, FreeAgent, Sage, Freshbooks you should be able to export a report called a 'trial balance'.

This should be dated the day before your start date in Pandle. It will contain all the balances you need to enter in our opening balances wizard to transfer your accounting data into Pandle.

You can also export a list of your customers and suppliers from your previous software provider. This file can then be imported into Pandle to save you time entering these details manually.

Please note, you will need to ensure all the data in your previous system is correct before entering the opening balances.

If you have an accountant you should ensure year end adjustments were entered in your previous accountancy software before moving to Pandle.

If you are transferring from other accounting software it's always a good idea to export all your transactions as a back up. Some companies will block your access and may eventually delete your data once you have stopped paying, we don't! But we just don't want you to get caught out elsewhere.

Opening balances assistant

To help make the process of switching to Pandle easier for users we have created an Opening Balances Assistant, which will guide you through the best way of entering your opening balances in Pandle, based on your business circumstances.

Entering your opening balances

If you feel comfortable entering your opening balances, you can read the following article on how to do this in Pandle:

Opening Balances

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