If you need to enter adjustments (journals) for your clients at the end of their financial year, then Pandle has a tool to help you do this.

How to use Adjustments in Pandle

To enter a journal using the 'New Adjustment' screen in Pandle, you can either click through the Quick Links menu, or through the 'Categories' screen.

Using the Quick Links icon

Click the 'Quick Links' icon, and select 'New Adjustment' from the menu.

Through 'Categories'

Or, click 'Accounting' in Pandle's navigation, and select 'Categories' from the menu.

Click the 'Add/Change Items' icon, and select 'New Adjustment' from the menu.

Using the New Adjustment screen

Enter your journal using the 'New Adjustment' screen.

Click 'Save' to save it, or click 'Back' to return to the previous screen without making any changes.

Find previous adjustments (journals)

Click the search icon on the 'New Adjustments' screen to find and view previous adjustments.

Then use the pop-up search window to view existing adjustments.

Use the search bar to find specific journals.

Sort existing journals

To sort the list, click the column header that you would like to sort by, or click the header again the reverse the order. For instance, click the 'Date' header to sort your adjustments according to their date.

Edit columns

Edit the columns that you need to see on the Adjustments screen, and hide those that you don't. Click the 'Column Select' icon , and select or deselect to choose your columns.

Choose how many rows per screen

In Pandle you can choose how many rows of information you see on the Adjustments screen. Just click the 'Row Count' button, and select from the menu.

Export your adjustments from Pandle

You can export a list of your previous adjustments from Pandle. Click the 'Export' button, and Pandle will automatically download a .CSV file to your device.

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