Once your client creates an account in Pandle for their business, they can invite you to access it. Our short guide explains how clients send an invitation to their accountant.

You'll need to accept the invitation in order to access your clients' accounts.

Click 'Partner Admin' in the navigation menu in Pandle, and select your firm's name from the top of the list.

Select the 'Pending Requests' tab. You'll see a list of users who have invited you to access their Pandle account.

Hover over the icon to see a pop-up notification describing the terms. For example, if a client requests that you cover the cost of their subscription, you'll see a message which says 'Approve - increase my subscription to cover this company'.

Click the 'Approve' icon to confirm access, or the 'Reject' icon to decline.

If you accept the invitation, the user will be added to your 'Companies' tab.

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