You can add new users to your Partner account so that other members of staff can access Pandle.

Click 'Partner Admin' and select your accountancy firm from the menu.

Click the 'Staff' tab.

On the 'Staff' screen, click 'Add New Staff User'.

Then in the pop-up window enter the name and email address of your new staff user, and select their role in order to set their access level to your account.

Access Level



  • Can view any company linked to the accountant, and enter data for that company

  • Can view the agent's MTD account

  • Can view the Partner accountant's settings


  • Can do everything that 'Standard' staff can

  • Can add/edit/remove other staff member users of the Partner accountant

  • Can approve/reject requests to link a new company to the Partner accountant (which will be paid for by the Partner accountant's subscription)

  • Can unlink a company from the partner accountant

  • Can send invitation emails to clients to sign up to Pandle

  • Can link the agent's MTD account to Pandle

  • Can add/edit/remove the Partner accountant's subscription

  • Can edit the Partner accountant's settings

Firm Owner

  • Can do everything that 'Standard' and ‘Admin’ staff roles can

  • Only the current firm owner can change which user is the firm owner

  • If the firm owner deletes their user account, the partner accountant will be deleted too (and they'll be warned of this)

  • Each partner accountant has exactly one user with this role, by default it's the user who set up the partner accountant in Pandle

Once you have selected their role, click 'Invite User' to send an email invite to your staff member.

What happens next?

Your staff member will receive an email prompting them to activate their account. 

They will need to click the link in the email, and then sign in to Pandle using the email address which you sent the invitation to. Their temporary password will be included in the email.

The amount of financial information they can see will be determined by the role you select when sending out the invite.

You can change their role at any time from the Staff tab in your Partner Admin screen, by clicking the 'Edit' icon next to their profile.

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