Pandle is a recognised software supplier supporting Making Tax Digital for VAT. This means that any VAT returns you submit after 1st April 2019 will be fully MTD compliant.

Before submitting a VAT return with Pandle you will need to:

Lock a VAT Return

Once you run your VAT return in Pandle, scroll down and click 'Save & Lock'.

After a few moments your screen will refresh, and your VAT return will now be marked as locked, and the 'Date locked' field will show the date that you locked the return.

Unlock your VAT return

Locking a VAT return before you submit it protects your data against any accidental changes. If you need to edit transactions in a locked VAT return, click the 'Unlock' button. You will be able to 'Save & Lock' again once you're ready.

Submit your VAT return

After locking your VAT return, click 'Submit VAT Return'.

Enter your Government Gateway User ID and Password to complete your submission.

Viewing your completed VAT returns

You can view, edit, and export all previously submitted VAT returns by clicking 'Reports' in the Pandle navigation bar, and selecting 'VAT Returns'.

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