Dividends are payments that a limited company makes to share profits with its shareholders.

If you operate a limited company you'll need to record any dividend payments as a transaction in your company's bookkeeping. The process for this depends on which method you use to enter transactions into Pandle.

Entering bank transactions manually

Entering bank transactions using bank feeds

Entering bank transactions using bank imports

Recording a transaction which shows a dividend payment follows the same process that you normally use to enter transactions into Pandle.

  • Set the 'Transaction Type' field to 'Money Out'

  • Set the category to 'Dividends'

  • Use the description field to show what the transaction was, and who it was to. For instance, 'Dividend paid to Mr Jones'.

We're currently building the ability for users to create Dividend Vouchers, which you will be able to use to declare dividends based on shareholding percentages and share types. 

To save you time, Pandle will be kitted out with the ability to create vouchers as well as meeting minutes, so all you need to do is fill them in and pass them along to the concerned parties.

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