To ensure all your accounts are up to date and accurate, transactions processed through internal wallets such as Stripe or PayPal must be treated correctly in Pandle.

If you use Stripe or PayPal to take payments from customers you must add these accounts as bank accounts in Pandle. Any sales made which are received into these accounts will be processed through the allocated account in Pandle and then later transferred to your current account. 

Let's take a £1,000 sale from a customer who paid through Stripe with a £30 Stripe fee as an example.

Sales received through Stripe

Firstly, you need to process the amount through your Stripe bank account. The money in Stripe would be categorised as a sale.

Stripe fees

The Stripe fees listed in your Stripe account should be processed as 'Money Out' and categorised as fees in Pandle.

Money transferred from Stripe to your bank account

When you categorise your banking transactions you will see the amounts coming in from Stripe. Select these as a 'Money In' transactions, categorised as the Stripe bank account.

Please note - these transfers must only be processed in one of your accounts in Pandle and then deleted in the other to avoid duplicating the transfer.

To ensure you have completed your transactions correctly, your Stripe/PayPal balance in Pandle should always be the same as your Stripe/PayPal statement.

You can find information on how to integrate with Stripe and PayPal in Pandle in the following articles:



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