If you have multiple bank and/or credit card accounts in Pandle, you may need to know how to process a transfer from one account to the other. To do this, when categorising your banking transactions, you will simply need to select the other bank account as the category.

For example, if you have transferred £500 from your bank account to your credit card account then you will select 'Credit Card' as the category when you come across the payment.

The above will reduce the bank balance by £500 and reduce the negative balance on the credit card account by £500.

Please note: You should only process transfers through one account. So, after processing the above transaction you would not categorise the 'Money In' of £500 on the credit card statement. 

Doing so would cause you to duplicate the transaction. Using the example above this duplication would cause you to reduce your bank balance by £1000 (2 x £500) and reduce the negative balance on your credit card account by £1000 (2 x £500), which would be incorrect.

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