Some banks (such as Barclays and HSBC) use multi-factor authentication. This is an added layer of security that helps protect your bank account. When you log in to your online banking, this is usually the code generated by a card reader or fob that you see.

If you manage a bank account in Pandle that uses Multi-Factor Authentication you will need to refresh your bank feed to view your latest transactions in Pandle. It is recommended that you refresh at least every 30 days. You will not be asked for all of your bank's login information, only the code or PIN. 

Please do not try to refresh whilst you are logged in to your online banking account as you may become temporarily locked out.

How to refresh your bank feed

Click 'Banking' in Pandle's menu navigation, and select 'Bank Accounts'.

If a refresh is required on an account with a Bank Feed, then your 'Check and Confirm' shortcut logo should change from a double tick icon to a refresh icon.

Alternatively, click 'Enter Transactions'.

Select the bank account you wish to enter transactions for, and click 'Enter Transactions' to continue.

Scroll to the end of the page, and click 'Refresh Bank Feed'.

Pandle will automatically find and import any missing transactions from your bank feed after it is refreshed, or you can prompt this by selecting 'Add More' from the Actions menu.

Pandle will notify you once the bank feed has been refreshed to let you know that everything is up to date. To make life easier, the notification includes a link to the confirmation screen, so you can take care of any transactions not managed by Bank Rules.

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