To reduce the risk of errors, Pandle prevents users from saving changes to a customer invoice which has a payment or credit note assigned to it.

You'll need to remove the payment or credit note attached to the invoice before you can edit it.

Finding and deleting a payment attached to an invoice

Click 'Accounting' in Pandle's menu navigation, and select 'View Transactions'.

Search or filter your transactions to find the correct one, and then click the 'More Actions' icon next to the relevant transaction.

Important: If you delete a payment which was originally entered into Pandle manually, you may need to re-enter this information again at a later date. It's a good idea to make a note of the payment details before deleting.

To delete payments for supplier invoices, click 'Delete Supplier Payment'.

Delete payments from customers by clicking 'Delete Customer Receipt'.

Click 'OK' in the pop up window to continue, or click 'Cancel' to return to the Transactions screen without making any changes.

You will be able to edit the invoice once the allocated payment is removed.

Re-allocating a payment to a different invoice

Payments which were entered into Pandle using an Import or a Bank Feed will re-appear in the 'Check' tab once you remove them from an invoice, ready to be processed again.

Entering bank transactions using bank feeds

Entering bank transactions using bank imports

If the payment was entered manually, then it will need to be re-entered into Pandle.

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