Use Pandle Notes to add reminders to transactions, keep track of what goes where, and add information for your accountant or other people in the business.

You can create general notes, or attach them to specific records in Pandle, such as transactions, bank accounts, customers, suppliers, categories or invoices.

Add a general note

Search and filter notes

Edit, archive, and delete notes

Add notes to specific records

Add a general note

Click 'Tools' in the Pandle navigation bar, and select 'Notes' from the menu.

From here you can view any note created by every user in Pandle.

Click 'Add New Note'.

Enter a title and the note itself. Use the formatting options to add structure or draw attention to key points.

Click the tick icon to save your note.

Search and filter notes

Notes are displayed in date order, so the most recent notes appear first. All notes include the date they were created, making it easier to see what period a note refers to.

Search for specific notes by entering information into the search box.

Filter notes by clicking the 'Advanced Search' icon.

Then use the filters to narrow down your search criteria.

Edit, archive, and delete notes


Click the 'Edit' icon a note to make changes. Remember to tick the Save icon again to make your changes!


Click the 'Archive' icon to send a note to the archive.

Click the 'View Archive' icon to view archived notes.

You can restore notes from the archive by clicking the 'Restore' icon.

Delete notes permanently

Click the 'Delete' icon on a note.

Click 'OK' on the pop-up notification to confirm, or click 'Cancel' to return to the note.

Add notes to specific records

You can also create notes around Pandle, and attach them to other records. Just click 'More', and select 'Manage or View Notes'.

For instance, make a note against a customer account by clicking 'More' in the Actions column, and then select 'Manage or View Notes'.

View existing notes for this customer using the left and right arrows, or scroll through to a blank note to create a new one.

Notes features we're working on

Tagging: Users will be able to tag other users in notes (including your accountant). They will receive a notification to let them know they have been tagged in a note.

Task lists and reminders: As part of our Pandle Organiser work, users will be able to add tasks to notes, which in turn will trigger reminders.

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