What are Receipt Uploads?

Enable the Receipt Uploads feature

Upload a document, file, or receipt using the attachments button

Viewing uploaded files

What are Receipt Uploads?

Pandle's Receipt Uploads feature means that you can upload or save files, images, and documents to Pandle, and link them to relevant transactions.

For example, if a supplier emails you an invoice for goods, you can save the invoice to Pandle, and can also link it to the corresponding entry that you make to record the supplier's invoice in your bookkeeping.

Enable the Receipt Uploads feature

Receipt Uploads is a Pandle Pro feature, so you might need to upgrade your subscription to access it.

To keep things simple, Pandle uses dynamic menus. This means that you won't see some features in your Pandle menu unless you enable them for your account.

To turn on Pandle's Receipt Uploads feature, click 'Settings' in the navigation bar, and select 'Company Settings'.

Select the 'Financial Info' tab.

Then click the box next to 'Does the business use receipt uploads?' so that a tick mark appears.

Scroll down and click 'Update Company' to save your changes.

Upload a document, file, or receipt using the attachments button

Upload receipts or store documents to Pandle by using the 'Attachments' button. Just look out for the paperclip symbol to get started.

For example, click the 'Attachments' button next to your record of a customer invoice in Pandle.

In the 'Receipt Uploads' pop-up window select 'Link To An Existing File' and select a file already uploaded into Pandle.

Or select ' Upload A New File', and drag-and-drop a file to upload it, or use the file browser to select a file on your device.

Viewing uploaded files

Click the 'Attachments' button next to an entry in Pandle to view any files attached to it, or view all of your uploads using the Receipt Uploads screen.

Click 'Tools' in the navigation bar, and select 'Receipt Uploads'.

Your uploads will be arranged by month, with the most recent uploads appearing first.

Select uploads

Use the checkboxes to select individual files, or to select everything for that month in one go.

Upload files without attaching them to transactions

Click the 'Upload' icon to save files directly to the 'Receipt Uploads' screen, without attaching them to a particular transaction or record in Pandle.

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