What are Projects?
Pandle Projects allows businesses such as construction workers, designers and architects to tag their transactions to projects to enable financial reporting specifically for those projects.

For example, a wedding planning business may want to tag their transactions to each wedding they plan. By doing this, the business can report on the income, expenses, profitability and cash flow of each wedding. This can offer valuable insights into how each wedding performed financially which can lead to decisions being made to improve the performance of future weddings.

Keeping track of expenses by projects can also help your business to invoice customers the correct amount, especially where expenses are being reimbursed.

How do I use projects in Pandle?
To turn projects on in Pandle simply go to Company Settings > Financial Info tab and tick 'Business uses projects?'

Once this is done you will be able to create your first project by clicking Tools > Projects and 'Add New Project'.

Now, when you enter transactions you will be able to tag them to the project you have just created

Invoicing a customer:

Expenses from bank account:

Once you have tagged your transactions to the new project you will be able to go back into projects (Tools > Projects) and view the financials so far:

From here you can see a detailed overview of the performance of the project thus far. As you tag more transactions to the project this data will update in real time. You can also drill down into the figures on screen by clicking them as follows:

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