The Payables report shows a list of your suppliers, the amounts you owe to them, how much of the balance is within the invoice terms and how much is outside of the invoice terms. 

Viewing and interpreting the report

To access the Payables report go to Reports > Payables.

As you can see with the Payables report below, each supplier is listed with the amounts overdue and how overdue they are. 

This example has been run at a certain date but you can alter this if you want to see how much you were owed at a previous date.

You can drill down into each supplier to see a list of all unpaid invoices and how overdue they are. If we look at Supplier A for example, you can see one invoice is overdue by 87 days (i.e. 87 days have passed without payment after due date).

If you have a lot of suppliers with lots of overdue balances, it may be difficult to know where to start. This report allows you to order the results according to the headings. So, for example, you can order the data by the suppliers with the highest balance, or by suppliers whose balances have been overdue the longest. You can also export the data to Excel and manipulate the data there.

Please note: in order for these reports to be accurate you must have your banking up to date. If you do not then supplier payments may be missing from the report, meaning you may end up paying a supplier twice for the same invoice.

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