Using our Stripe integration, Pandle Pay enables users to include a payment link on the invoices they send out to customers.

This short video will show you just how easy it is to set up Pandle Pay and start receiving instant payments from your invoices:

Go to Document Settings > Invoice Options Tab, then click 'Integrate with Stripe'

Please follow the instructions on screen and enter your Stripe credentials. Once this is done a 'Pay Now' button will be present on the invoices you send to your customers:

Once your customer clicks the 'Pay Now' button they will be directed to the following page which asks for their payment details:

As soon as your customer has paid they will receive a payment receipt via email and you will receive a payment notification in Pandle and via email. The invoice will also be marked as paid in Pandle so that further automated payment reminders are not sent out to the customer (if you have them set up).

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