You can import existing invoices into Pandle (for example if you use a different system to invoice your customers), or you can create and send invoices directly from Pandle.

Pandle's invoicing feature includes tools to help you manage customer invoicing more easily, such as setting up payment reminders and recurring invoices.

Enable customer invoicing in Pandle

Creating customer invoices

Enable customer invoicing in Pandle

To make things less distracting, Pandle uses dynamic menus so that you only have to see menus for features that you switch on.

To get started with customer invoicing in Pandle, click the 'Settings' icon in the navigation bar, and select 'Document Settings' from the menu.

Select the 'Invoice Options' tab.

Click the selection box next to 'Would you like Pandle to create your invoices?'.

Invoice Referencing

This setting allows you to enter the invoice reference prefix and starting number. You can also include a customer reference unique to your customer when adding or editing customers. For example, you could have your starting invoice reference as '101' or 'CompanyRef-101' or even 'CompanyRef-CustomerRef-101'.

Automated Reminders

Tick this box if you would like Pandle to automatically send email reminders to customers who do not pay you on time. Selecting this option allows you to set reminders, including the frequency and the content of the emails.

Invoice Text

Enter default text to appear in the footer of each invoice. For example, to add a note thanking customers for their business, or to add payment instructions.

Invoice Template

Pandle Pro users can choose between various invoice templates. Click on the Design Options tab and select your preferred invoice template.

You can also upload your company logo to appear on your invoices.

Scroll down and click 'Save Document Settings'.

Creating customer invoices

Click the 'Quick Links' icon in the navigation bar.

Click 'New Customer Invoice' from the menu.

On the New Customer Invoice screen, click 'Select Customer'.

Select the customer or customer group from the dropdown menu, or click 'Add New' to create a new customer profile in Pandle.

If you use Projects, click 'Select An Option' to link this invoice to a project, or to create a new project.

Click the data entry space under 'Item'.

Enter an item description manually, or use the dropdown menu to select an existing listing using Items, or click 'Add New' to create a new item listing.

  • Selecting an existing item will automatically populate the other fields. For example, the category and price fields. Learn more about using Items in Pandle.

  • Entering item information into invoices manually means you will need to populate the remaining fields.

Enter the quantity of this item.

Add or remove additional invoice lines using the plus and minus buttons. For example, add a new line to invoice a customer for two items at once.

Click 'Save' and then select from the dropdown menu:

Save and Next: To save your entry, and reload the New Customer Invoice screen to start a new entry.

Save and View: To save your entry, and view your document (including options to send it to the customer)

Save and Finish: To save your entry, and return to the invoicing screen.

Save and Recur: To save your entry as a recurring invoice.

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