The articles in our short overview of Pandle section will cover the basics of using our simple cloud accounting software and provide links to more comprehensive articles on certain features.

Pandle can be used to record business transactions which form the basis of reporting, VAT returns, accounts and tax returns.

By reading all the articles in this section, even the most novice bookkeeper can use the functions within the software.

Setting up your business wizard
When you first create an account you will be asked for some basic information about your business. The information you provide will set the program settings (which can be changed later on if needed). It is important that you answer the questions accurately, as incorrect settings could cause discrepancies with your data.

To learn more about setting up your Pandle account please watch the video below:

Opening balances wizard
Once you have set up your account you will be given the option to use the opening balances wizard. This should be completed if you were using a different bookkeeping system previously. Your previous balances should be taken from the trial balance dated the day before you start entering transactions.

If you're a little confused as to what you will need to enter then our opening balances assistant will guide you through it.

If your business is VAT registered you should start entering transactions from the start of a new VAT quarter. If you start to enter transactions part way through a quarter then the VAT return for that quarter may not be accurate.

To learn more about opening balances click here.

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